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    Our Client base includes global and national Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Investment Managers / Asset Managers, Brokerages, Clearing Houses, Commodity Traders, Utilities Payment Solution providers and Financial Software Providers

Retaining Staff

How to Retain Top Talent

If it seems like you’re constantly filling positions left vacant by employees who didn’t work for your company very long in the first place, it’s time to determine why so many people are leaving. Highly satisfied employees don’t often seek employment elsewhere, so you definitely need to use this as a learning experience and implement some much-needed changes.

Tired of seeing your skilled workers leaving for other opportunities? High turnover rates can lead to decreased productivity, low employee morale and huge costs directly impacting your bottom line. It’s important to tackle this issue now, before it leads to bigger problems.

Need a little help retaining key team members? Here are a few key points employees are looking for

1. Career Development Potential:

Talented workers don’t want to be stuck in a dead-end job. Talented staff want to know they can progress within a company by showing they work hard, they want to learn new skills. If your employees feel like they have no room to progress their career at your company, they will look elsewhere.

2. Positive Working Environment:

Is your office a pleasant place to work where with a good atmosphere between colleagues and management? No one wants to spend each working day in a hostile environment, so expect employees to leave in search of better working conditions if your office has signs of negativity

3. Recognition for Hard Work:

Very simple, People like to feel appreciated. If you’re not recognizing your staff for a job well done, they will feel undervalued, causing them to look for work with a new employer that appreciates their work and contributions.

4. Benefits Package:

Employees really value a comprehensive benefits package. Benefits vary from medical / healthcare, pension contribution, additional holiday, education allowance, lunch allowance, phone, laptop and more. The more attractive your benefits package is, the better you’ll look in comparison to your competitors, people don’t like to lose the benefits they enjoy

5. Paying what your staff are worth to your company:

Do not wait until an employee hands in there resignation letter to then increase their salary to convince them to stay. By this point it is too late and there head has already been turned. Making sure you pay your top talent well, will keep them performing and committed to your company targets


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